Premier IT Support
Premier IT Support

Network Monitoring

For most non-enterprise businesses, their network and computer usage is a complete unknown. Bandwidth gets wasted, service levels are not met, employees waste time surfing non-work sites, and early warnings of connection problems go unnoticed. All of which lead to downtime and losses of productivity. We can help.


Due to the increasing complexity and quantity of network equipment and software, the task of monitoring the health of these systems cannot be performed manually. Specific monitoring software must be used to continuously perform tests and checks to ensure all the computers, network devices and software components are working properly. But even more importantly, that raw data must be parsed and analyzed to provide useful information from mountains of data. Is there a spike in bandwidth usage causing performance problems because users are watching youtube videos or because your business has grown past current capacity? Or because a rogue software has infiltrated your business systems? It's not enough to generate reports, Archer can help you understand what the reporting means to your business.


System monitoring is also the best way to control unexpected expenses and disruption. Knowing well ahead of time that your server is showing early signs of hardware failure or filling up with data before there is a failure is invaluable in reducing unexpected failures and arranging for timely maintenance. comprehensive monitoring is also the best way to spot emerging trends and patterns within your business systems so you can plan accordingly and spot emerging problems early.


Archer Solutions uses best of breed tools, software and equipment to provide complete systems and network monitoring as part of our bundled Managed Services Support Plan to track and monitor system performance, proactively identify problems, and audit employee mis-use. Effective monitoring allows us to dramatically reduce downtime and help identify emerging problems before they become a system failure.