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Premier IT Support

About Us

Archer Solutions has been guided by a simple principle: We work in partnership with our clients, because helping our clients run efficiently, wisely, inexpensively, and productively is the best way to build long-term business relationships. We are committed to the notion that safeguarding our client's best interest is OUR best interest. This, combined with our proactive all-inclusive flat-fee service model creates a unique business model based on mutually aligned objectives.


Further, Archer Solutions hires experienced, dedicated and highly competent professionals from a variety of enterprise backgrounds. All Archer employees have a minimum of two years professional experience before joining our team. No contract workers, no part-timers, just seasoned, salaried experts dedicated to their trade. We perform extensive background checks on all employees and adhere to a strict code of ethics. The average tenure for an Archer employee is eight years, so you can be assured that you will be dealing with the same people when you need service.

We are committed to earning our client's loyalty every day through professional and diligent work. This is the reason why top SMB companies in Houston and around Texas and the world have been loyal clients for decades.

Nearly all of our business comes through referrals from existing clients, and we believe that is how it should be. 

References happily provided on request.

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