Premier IT Support
Premier IT Support

Network and IT Systems Design

In today's technology age, the most crucial business asset is the computer network. More so than ever before, business rely on computers, networks, servers, hosted applications, mobile devices and an array of interconnected technologies to empower their staff to do more than ever before. And the planning, design and implementation of that network will be the difference between strategic advantage and crippling liability for any business.
Archer Solutions' design team has decades of experience with small to mid-size business networks and we have successfully implemented everything from small start-ups that have grown to hundreds of users all over the country, to overhauling existing aging networks for established businesses. We are skilled at working within a variety of budgets and a broad spectrum of functional requirements. From single location manufacturing facilities to multi-state enterprises, we've done it all.
Which is why we start a network design by considering the underlying business needs based on the firm first. We understand that IT systems are first and foremost tools to enhance the business, and any IT system design must be in service to the goals of the business.
Understanding the high-level goals ensures that all design and purchase decisions are consistent with the direction of the organization, and will prevent wasted money due to over-building or under-provisioning. For any business system investment, budget is always a primary consideration and we firmly believe that money well-spent is money saved. (But money saved is even better).
We adhere to a few simple core principles in every network and infrastructure design project.
Good Network Design should:

•Deliver services needed by users

•Deliver good response times

•Maximize cost efficiencies

•Leverage current established technologies

•Be within budget

•Be reliable

•Be expandable

•Be manageable

•Be well documented

Once the first stages of the design process are complete and a set of standards for your network hardware and software have been established, we will provide you with a series of options and a proposed implementation plan. Very rarely can an entire business infrastructure be overhauled all at once, so a critical part of any network design is a well planned phased deployment that minimizes business disruption.
Communicating changes to the end users and anyone who will be working with your new network design is also critical. Your staff are the most important part of your business systems, so they also need to understand not only the types of changes you will be making, but the underlying reasons and how they are going to benefit from the changes. Archer Solutions provides both deployment guides for your business and communication to all levels of your company
As implementation is completed, the details of your implementation are verified and reviewed. In this stage, we will test your solution and verify that it works as expected. The testing process is critical and key to any successful implementation, and it is what allows us to stand by the quality of our designs.